Re: Less syslog errors

Committed, thanks.


On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 15:14 +0100, Tom Parker wrote:
> I've been seeing a succession of 3 syslog errors every time my wireless 
> card tries to scan for APs and can't find any. This then results in 
> various "edit some AP list" routines failing certain assertions. The 
> attached patch fixes two of them (basically by checking that we've got 
> *some* ap data before calling the copy and destroy routines).
> The third one is driving me nuts. The assertion is the "dest!=NULL" at 
> the top of nm_ap_list_copy_properties (line 426 of 
> NetworkManagerAPList.c), which is being called by 
> nm_device_do_normal_scan at roughly line 2445 of NetworkManagerDevice.c. 
> The source is also NULL, and I've tried checking the value of 
> dev->app_data->allowed_ap_list (the source) before the routine is 
> called, but it doesn't help. I thought the problem was the call to 
> nm_device_ap_list_get messing around with the dev structure, but calling 
> and storing the return value before calling nm_ap_list_copy_properties 
> doesn't help.
> Any ideas anyone?
> Tom
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