Re: Static IP

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> schrieb am 07.11.04 16:38:49:
> Yes, NM should work with static IP.  It checks the current ifcfg-eth0 
> files when it starts up and grabs the info from there.  
It doesn't work for me... Let me explain what I want to do: I have
a WLAN setup which works great using NM. But I also need access
to a NFS share on a computer that is not part of the wireless
network. So I plug in the network cable, the NM applet goes into
searching mode and it stays that way. "Wired Network" is selected,
the interface is up but no IP is assigned...

> Now that I recollect, it may or may not work with DNS though, 
> depending on where that information is stored for each profile.
I don't need DNS...

Here is my ifcfg-eth0 btw:


I'm also wondering why the WLAN connection is abandoned as
soon as a cable is plugged in, in my case I would want to still
have a working internet connection while beeing connected to
the LAN fileserver. 


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