Re: Static IP


Yes, NM should work with static IP.  It checks the current ifcfg-eth0 
files when it starts up and grabs the info from there.  Now that I 
recollect, it may or may not work with DNS though, depending on where that 
information is stored for each profile.


On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 infernux web de wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using NetworkManager on Fedora Development for quite some time now and it works great for WLAN/DHCP. My only problem is that now and then I have to use a wired p2p connection with static IPs and wonder how the status is for this. CVS logs indicate that the functionality should be there but the README says otherwise...
> Current NM is supposed to parse ifcfg-eth* for static IPs, right? The LAN interface is configured, it can be ifup'd but when I plug in no IP is assigned to the interface, NW just keeps scanning for DHCP. Is this what NW does right now or should it work by parsing the config?
> Speaking of this, I think there should be a way to quickly assign a static IP, small button behind the "Wired Network" perhaps that pops up a small dialog window where you can enter the IP and subnet mask for the session.
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