Static IP

I'm using NetworkManager on Fedora Development for quite some time now and it works great for WLAN/DHCP. My only problem is that now and then I have to use a wired p2p connection with static IPs and wonder how the status is for this. CVS logs indicate that the functionality should be there but the README says otherwise...
Current NM is supposed to parse ifcfg-eth* for static IPs, right? The LAN interface is configured, it can be ifup'd but when I plug in no IP is assigned to the interface, NW just keeps scanning for DHCP. Is this what NW does right now or should it work by parsing the config?
Speaking of this, I think there should be a way to quickly assign a static IP, small button behind the "Wired Network" perhaps that pops up a small dialog window where you can enter the IP and subnet mask for the session.

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