Re: ndiswrapper and NetworkManager, and sysfs/HAL

I applied the patch to ndiswrapper 0.10, and now have both a driver
and a device symlink in the /sys/class/net/wlan0 directory that seem
to point to the correct device and driver, but NetworkManager still
doesn't seem to be working, with the same symptoms I saw before.  I
also noticed in the syslog taht NetworkManager is not detecting any
wireless devices:

AUTO: Best wireless device = (null) (null).

I've updated with the new
"Advanced" tab in hal-device-manager.  The PCI and Device tabs are


On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 13:14:14 -0500, Joe Ammond <joe ammond org> wrote:
> Dan Williams scribbled:
> > Great!!  I've seen about 10 people using ndiswrapper so far that are
> > having problems, both on this list and Fedora lists.  Could you post the
> > patch to this list (or email it to me, I'm interested in it)?  How hard
> > will it be to get upstream?
> I'm attaching it and CC:ing this list as well as the
> ndiswrapper-general list.  I don't know how difficult this will
> be to get included upstream.  It was a farily trivial patch to
> get working.  This patch is against wrapper.c from ndiswrapper-0.11.
> Caveats: this is my first delving into kernel code.  The USB patches
> are untested, as I don't have any USB/ndiswrapper devices.  The
> kludge of passing NULL as the device if the kernel rev is <2.6 is
> icky, but it works.
> > What the ndiswrapper developers have to understand is that their stuff
> > is fundamentally broken until they support sysfs.  They don't really
> > need a 'driver' link (though it would be really, really nice), but a
> > 'device' link is almost mandatory.  It has to get done in ndiswrapper
> > because the Windows drivers, of course, aren't going to set a NETDEV on
> > themselves :)
> Can't imagine why.  :)
> > Dan
> ja.
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