ndiswrapper and NetworkManager

I've made a patch to ndiswrapper-0.11 that allows my Broadcom
BCM4309 802.11a/b/g MiniPCI card to work with NetworkManager.
Right now the patch only works with PCI/MiniPCI, I haven't 
extended it to the USB portions of the code yet (it's a simple
fix that I didn't have time to finish).  I'll clean the patch
up tomorrow morning and send it off to the ndiswrapper 
developers for inclusion (or derision, their call).

I'm happy to finally be able to use NetworkManager on my laptop.
It works really well on my FC3rc5 installation.

Joe Ammond                                                  joe ammond org
              My new toy: http://www.ammond.org/Spitfire

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