Re: CVS-12-21-04

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 17:58 -0500, Bill Moss wrote:

> Now NM connects to the wired and wireless networks on campus, but in 
> Ad-Hoc mode. Consequently, resolv.conf gets overwritten by NM with local 
> info only so of course DNS does not work on campus. NM should be 
> operating in Infrastructure mode and DNS info should come from DHCP.

resolv.conf should now only point to, always.  A nameserver
configuration should be generated in /tmp, like 
/tmp/NetworkManager-named.conf-v6Yf4O.  Does that file not contain the
expected nameservers?

> Somewhere the logic is messed up. I am struck in Ad-Hoc mode.

You might actually be in infrastructure mode, just being bitten by the
just-fixed panel applet bug that always displayed the ad-hoc icon.

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