Re: Better link-local code

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 16:22 +0100, Sebastien Estienne wrote:
> Is it the goal of networkmanager to manage all  kind of network configuration?
> Because supporting other wireless technologie like umts/gprs will be a
> growing demand in the future.
> like in this scenario:
> wired at home
> gprs or utms on the road to work
> wifi (802.11) at work
> i talked about bluetooth because some personnal gateway (set top box)
> using bluetooth to access broadband are appearing
> but maybe all these things are beyond the scope of networkmanager.

No, its a goal of NetworkManager to support stuff like Bluetooth, GPRS,
etc.  But these will probably be put off for a bit until we do a rewrite
of NM to use gobject and a real state machine model.  That should make
the code less complicated and more easily verifiable, and also more
extendable to different technologies.

I've realized for a while that this first iteration of NM was a great
learning tool for the pitfalls and issues surrounding networking
(specifically wireless) on Linux, but I don't expect the current
codebase to extend much farther without certain nagging instabilities,
which usually manifest themselves as some random behavior you don't
expect.  I'm hoping a well though-out state machine model will fix most
of these cases by giving well-defined behavior for each step of the


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