Re: dhcpcd experiments

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 10:31 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> Ok, this is some useful data.  I've also observed instances where the
> built-in DHCP client won't do what we want it to.  They seem related to
> the format of the DHCP datagrams.  During the recent re-work of the DHCP
> code, I switched from constructing the raw ethernet frames myself in the
> dhcpcd code, to letting the kernel & networking layer handle everything
> underneath the DHCP datagram itself, something I've come to regret (for
> instance, when the vpnc IPSec client is active, the source IP address of
> the datagram is the tunnel's IP, not which we've explicitly set
> on the card).  I think I may have to revert some of those changes and
> return to constructing the whole ethernet frame and shoving that out to
> the wire.


Can you update from CVS and try it out with the Barricade?  I've
reverted the DHCP code to creating and sending full ethernet frames, so
it should either work or be easier to track down the problem if it
doesn't work.  If you could, do a 'make clean', then './ --
prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc' then make and make install it, just to
make sure you've got updated DHCP code.


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