NetworkManager, static IP and DNS et. al.


I have a problem with the way NW handles static IPs. First of all, I
don't see how I can make it handle two or more different networks where
my laptop has been assigned a static IP. Do I have to change profiles?
Is this really the way it is designed to be? I currently don't see how
NW and the usual network stuff with profiles can play nicely together.
How does NW determine the static IP after all? By parsing the ifcfg-eth0
file? What if it's nicknamed differently in a profile?

The other more urgent problem is that I have to use different DNS
settings when I'm on the wired Network (static IP, no dhcpd, DNS with
internal addresses) than when I'm off the wire using the company's wifi
network (which isn't allowed to access the more sensitive parts of the
internal network). Getting the DNS for the wireless case is easy, but I
have no possibility to get the information for the wired connection.

I suggest to be able to add additional wired networks that can be chosen
from, each with a list of additional things to set, DNS being only the
most prominent. Also static routes would be a win, and other network
related parameters and services (e.g. ntpd) 

Hope you can help me somehow :-)


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