Multiple APs, and changing wireless network parameters


I have another problem with the way NM handles multiple APs for a
wireless network it detects. Our company has a whole lot of APs for the
same net, all with ESSID hidden, so they are not really autodetected.
What works fortunately, is that when I'm already connected to an AP with
a known MAC, and go to some area with a previously unknown AP, it seems
to keep trying the current network, thereby discovering the AP and
adding it's MAC to the list (as seen in gconf). Unfortunately, when the
first AP I "see" in the morning is a previously unknown one, NM only
tries my home net, which of course doesn't work, so I have to enter the
whole stuff again. 

If there would be a menu entry where I could list all the known nets and
force it to try one, this would help enormously. Which leads me directly
to my next problem: Our company keeps changing essid and wep key on a
regular (short) shedule (as the wireless net is allowed for partners and
visitors to use, too). When this changes, I would like to change the old
net to the new by changing the essid and the key, this way I'd not loose
all the MAC addresses. That again needs to have access to even the
currently inactive known nets.

A last little suggestion: It would be very nice if one could set an
alias for the network (which could on detection be assigned the value of
the essid) because having only random glibberisch in our essids doesn't
make it easy to see in the list of known nets. This would help of course
if it would be sometime possible to have more than one wired
configuration stored   


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