Re: 3.22 Context Menu to Compress w/ File Roller like 3.16

Hi Carlos & All,

Thanks much for the info and discussion. 

I much appreciate your work. If it wasn't such great stuff, I wouldn't be using it :-)

I'm not a developer, although part of my job years ago was UX design. 

My suggestions for a 3.3 or whatever's next:

1. Consider an easy way to reconfigure the context-menu itself to add/remove actions.

2. Enhancing Nautilus Actions to allow adding entries directly to this menu (rather than under the Nautilus 
Actions submenu) would be a great help in addng actions. How to remove default actions would have to be 
handled some other way.

Thanks again,


On Thu, 2/15/18, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:
 It's not possible to add things at  the same level apart of using extensions. You can also use  the scripts 
folder for more specific tooling.

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