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thanks a lot for fast reply. I discovered the desktop search as
alternative. It searches also recursively through all my nfs shares. So
I could use this instead of the nautilus search.

But there's another problem with searching for parts of the name

In gnome 3.16 I could find a file named e.g. "documents" by giving the
search term e.g. "men doc" This still works in nautilus for local

In the desktop search application I need to know exact name parts like
e.g. "docu" or "ments" as search pattern to find the file

Is there any way to change this behaviour of the desktop search in a
way that I can find files without exactly knowing whole parts of the

I also cannot sort the search results by name or date. Neither in
nautilus nor in the desktop search application. This worked previously
in nautilus. I read that this feature has been dropped there

Is there any chance to get the sort feature back in the nautilus search
or get it as an option in the desktop search application?

Thank You!

Am Mittwoch, den 21.10.2015, 03:57 -0400 schrieb Carlos Soriano
You cannot currently. However we are thinking about adding a UI
button in the warning bar as an option for that, but that requires
3.20 since it's a UI change.

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how can I enable recursive search in nfs-shares mounted via

I enabled the enable-recursive-search setting in dconf under
/org/gnome/nautilus/preferences but without success.

Thank You!

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