Please restore much used features

Unmounting a Drive
Gnome came with many features.  One of them was to show mounted drives on the desktop.
In the past, with Gnome, we could use the right-mouse button over the drive's desktop icon to unmount the drive.   This feature was removed, and in it's place is the requirement to invoke Nautilus,  to subsequently open the optional left column where one can eventually locate the miniature toggle, which causes the drive to be unmounted.

2) Direct Deletion.
With the "legacy" Nautilus, we had the option to bypass the trash bin. Again, with the right mouse button, we could directly delete a file (If that option was chosen as a nautilus option)

Now we have two choices, use nautilus to locate the file and move it to trash,
visit the trash bin and perform the deletion immediately 
use nautilus to locate the file, and then perform a shift-delete from the keyboard. The latter requires taking the hand away from the mouse to the keyboard, and then returning it to the mouse for other actions.

There are many times where direct delete is required.  If a file is large and there is no room in a partition for a second copy, and one needs to replace said file, one has no choice, but to stop,
visit the trashbin, and empty the trashbin contents.

Removal of the above two options causes pain. Let me explain.

Extra clicking of the mouse and extra keystrokes needed to simple tasks means that after a 7 hour day of software development and with Nautilus (as 3.18 version), I am getting Carpal tunnel pains in the right arm and more.

The problems occur as pains in the ligaments or the nerves adjacent to the ligaments in the arm. Excessive clicking on the mouse or excessive keyboard clicking with the same key causes it. The pain can be reduced with iebprofan medication, but it is important to have a Fedora Gnome interface that has shortcuts to reduce the amount of mouse clicks, and finger ligament pain.
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Six other individuals have reported the above problems.

Mr. Leslie Satenstein
Montréal Québec, Canada

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