Nautilus places and Users network drive


I am the network administrator of a French high school where all the
user's directories are mounted from a CIFS server with pam_mount.

Mounting the "Home" directory is not a problem, but I have two
"ExchangeTeachers" and "ExchangeStudents" shares that need to by
accessed by the users and mounted by pam_mount.

-> If I mount them in the "/media/" directory, the mount appear in the
"Devices" section of nautilus with a "removable" icon. If the users
click on the unmount arrow they are prompted for the root password.
This is not very clean...

-> If I mount them in the "/mnt/" directory, the mount does not appear
anymore in nautilus.

How can I create a "place" icon for my networks shares so they appears
as "static" drives ?
Is this possible to disable the mount/unmount root prompt in nautilus ?
Is this possible to force a bookmarks for all my users ?

Thank you !


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