How to mount an USB stick both automatically and manually in Nautilus with umask=0444

How to mount an arbitrary USB stick in Debian Wheezy **BOTH**
automatically and manually in Nautilus with `umask=0444` (or better with

* By automatically I mean, when its inserted it is automounted with the
options mentioned above (and the user should have no option to avoid
this). This can be achieved for example with 'udisks-glue' (`umask=0444`
but not `umask=0044`,`uid=0`,`gid=0`).  

* By manually I mean, once the stick was automounted and then
"ejected/unmounted" by pressing the "eject" button and then mounted
manually again by double pressing on the device icon in the sidebar of
the Nautilus file manager. Also in this case it should get mounted with
the options `umask=0444` (or better with `umask=0044`,`uid=0`,`gid=0`).
Udisks-glue doesn't help in this case and its automount options are

It would be nice if it would also be consistent with `fstab`, i.e. if
`mount` is called from the command line it should either be mounted with
the options or the user should not be allowed to run `mount`.

Thank you,

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