Re: Nautilus' Context Menus Getting Out of Hand

Ah, thanks for the information on "Send To" I really couldn't figure it out... But surely there must be a way to make it more friendly. I couldn't figure it out at all and I'm not exactly a complete slouch at computering.

As for the Ubuntu One bit, this email did originate as a post to an Ubuntu design list, so you can ignore that bit?

Thanks for your feedback.

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 4:28 AM, D. Spindel <spider skuggor se> wrote:
No real input here, just a note& clarification.

Ubuntu One > 
Send To... 

*"Ubuntu One >"
So singularly focused. Are we proposing with this behaviour everyone should just drop their own items into the menu? If I've a dropbox and U1 account, will my menu be another usless item? OS X, from what I can tell handles this situation much more gracefully with its "Share..." option. I think it would be much better to have this and have programs hook into that instead of populating my menus. Share covers the gamut from social to cloud.

*Send To...
I'll be honest, i've never used this and upon clicking it to test what it was, I still have no idea what the hell it is. It can't be too terribly useful? Input needed.

Ubuntu One is hacked in from the Ubuntu side of things, not part of upstream Gnome.

 Send To is for Im / Email integration, should integrate with your contact list for sending files, and personally I find it a godsend. ( We work a lot with files & im in a corporate environment )


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