Re: Removal of type-ahead find

On 08/02/2012 03:34 AM, Ben Gamari wrote:

For this reason, to remove the type-ahead find facility without
providing a replacement (hopefully superior) mechanism to fill the
need for easy movement while browsing would be a significant regression
in functionality. I'll have to think a bit about what such a mechanism
would look like, but this is something that should be seriously
considered before moving forward with removal of the existing solution.
As far as I can understand from the blog post (I unfortunately don't have a recent enough jhbuild) the search will now act upon either on the current folder or globally as seen in the screenshot [1] and should be quickly accessed ctrl+f. 1.

For your particular use case, it sounds like the new functionality will cover that (and actually improve it), but I'm sure there are details that needs to be worked out.
- Andreas

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