how to shift focus on item to item when key event is executed in loop?


The objective is to execute the keyboard_down event in loop, focus should move one by one on each loop item and notify the assistive technology about item. For example, if it is on desktop icon view,  focus should move one by one on each icon (in loop).

I have executed the loop successfully but the focus does not come one by one it directly comes on last item. Even with some time delay (using sleep(2) g_usleep(200000)) on each item too, focus does not stay on intermediate item for time delay.

nautilus version: 2.30.0

If have idea, please help to resolve the issue. The concern function key_press_event() is attached here and the changed code is highlight.

With regards


Attachment: key_press_event(12apr12).doc
Description: MS-Word document

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