Why Gnome-Nautilus is very slow compared to KDE Konqueror?

First, sorry if I write to the wrong place!
If you have a better list where I can submit this request
your suggestion will be very appreciated.

I'm one of the 3 users of a linux PC with AMD Athlon 64 bit
processor, 2 GB of RAM and 6 GB of Swap memory, running with
SuSe 10.3 (kernel All 3 users access to this
with a remote X connection. I'm using "X :2 -query -bs" from
a old RedHat PC, while the other two are using Xming from their
Windows PC.
I'm using GNOME (2.20.0), while the other two are using KDE.

It appears that my graphical interface acts much slower than
that of the other two users. In particulat, every time that
I open a new window and in particular if I open Nautilus to
browse the local folders or even worse if I open Gimp or
OpenOffice, I can go to drink a coffee before to go ahead
with my work! To be more explicit, Gimp takes 1' and 7" to

If I try to open the corresponding windows using KDE instead
of GNOME they are muuuch faster, so the problem should not be
the remote X connection or my old RedHat front end, but really
GNOME itself or my installation of it (which is the deafult).

To make things even worse, after logging-in chosing GNOME 2.20.0,
if I run Konqueror it runs much faster than Nautilus in Gnome.

When the PC runs some applications which takes a lot of memory
(but not CPU power), the other users KDE goes slower then usual,
while my GNOME becomes simply frozen.

Any help is appreciated!

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