"nautilus ." doesn't open Nautilus with current directory


With Nautilus of Gnome 2, it was possible to start a new Nautilus window
showing the current directory by invoking:

  $ nautilus .

(ie. "nautilus <dot>")

If I do that now with Nautilus, I get a Nautilus window showing my
$HOME directory.

I think that's wrong - but maybe that's wanted?

Oh, and even "more wrong": "nautilus .." (dot dot) shows my /home
directory (because $HOME = /home/askwar and thus /home/askwar/.. is
/home). That's absolutely wrong and unexpected.

Because of this IMO broken behaviour, invoking "nautilus ../t" (if there's
a "t" directory in the parent directory of the current working directory)
doesn't work - Error shown: "There's no /home/t directory" (which is correct,
there's no /home/t, but I didn't tell Nautilus to open /home/t in the
first place…).

Do you guys know if there's already a bug concerning this? And if
so, what number? ;)


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