nautilus and 'not enough spce' on mapped ntfs shared drive

Good day,

I'm sorry if it's not a proper list to ask but maybe someone knows the problem.

I use cifs to map on RHEL5 folders shared on Windows 2000 (ntfs).
Mapping works well, I can create and copy files/folders using mc.

But when I try to copy or create a file in the shared folder using Nautilus I got a message "Error copying to "folder", There is not enough spce on the destination."  Nautilus shows "Free space: 0 bytes." 
This shared folder on W2k is 30GB free.

df /mnt/folder gives filesystem size - 0 0

It looks like nautilus checks the size and displays the error.
Than is there any way to make it work?
Maybe someone is familiar with the above problem and any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Dariusz Werhun

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