block when opened from the command line until window closed

Using nautilus as the desktop organizer on gnome 2.28, I want to open a
nautilus window on a given directory with:

$ nautilus --browser --no-desktop --no-default-window ~/tmp/foo

and have that command block until the user closes the opened window.
The reason is that ~/tmp/foo was created specifically and temporarily
for that nautilus window to operate in and should be removed when the
user is done and closes the nautilus window that was opened by the
command line invocation.

I've looked for the obvious "don't fork into the background" type
switches but they don't exist, likely because that command line simply
sends an instruction to the existing nautilus desktop process to just
open a new window and then exits.

Alternatively, if there was a command that would block while nautilus
has a window opened on a dir and then would unblock when that window is
closed, that would suffice also as I can block and then rm when the
command returns.


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