Trashed files on mounted volume are not in the trashbin

I created a partition with ext4 mounted on the directory /home at the system installation. I login as root, and delete files on this partition with Move to trash, and then files were not moved to trashbin on my desktop. A directory /home/.Trash-0 is created, and those trashed files are in /home/.Trash-0/files. As to a function g_unix_is_mount_path_system_internal in file gunixmounts.c in glib2, /home and some other directories are regarded as internal directories. And then, I take the remove the line where "/home". Compile glib2 and then install. This time the trashed files on /home partition are shown in the trashbin on my desktop. But some problems come. When I try to recover these files, nautilus shows that cannot find these files or directories, and failed.
I have several questions:
1. How is the .Trash-[uid] like directory created?
2. Will this action (remove some line from the internal directory list in glib2) bring other problems? What problems will be?
3. Why cannot nautilus find the trashed files shwon in trashbin when recovering?

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