directory loading takes ages

Hello !

Referring to Nautilus 2.30.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64.

Since 4 days, directory loading in Nautilus takes up to 40 seconds per
directory, depending on the number of items in the directory. Preferred
settings are list view (8 columns) incl. hidden files, no text in icons,
no thumbnails, no previewed sound files, item count for local files
only, no backgrounds. This effect occurs on ext4  and fat32. If the
directory contains a few hundred items, e.g. /usr/share with 363 or even
/usr/bin with 1769, the GUI additionally gets gray for some tens of
seconds at almost 100% load on one CPU.

The delay is considerably less if icon view is chosen, toggling hidden
files doesn't make (much of?) a difference. Changing directory limit to
a positive value in Configuration editor reduces the delay, but is a
rather stupid setting.


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