Making programs who allow "View file in containing folder" instruct the file manager which file to highlight.

Hi List,

 When I download a file through Firefox or Chrome, they offer to "view
the file" in its folder. This is a nice feature. But if you have a
very large download folder then this is usually not helpful as you'd
have to weed through many other files to find the downloaded file.

 I would like to propose a improvement such that when the Browser or
any other program that offers to "view file in its folder" it will
invoke the file manager with the file name such than the latter would
open highlighting and focusing the file in question.

 Very useful for doing in hurry work with the browser and downloads,
for example.

 Does this make any sense? If so, how hard would it be to implement? I
am interested in creating a patch, hence my note.

Thanks in advance,


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