Nested Bookmark Bounty

I can imagine this is a dead horse, and a lot of people want the support. Like most I need the ability to bookmark mounts/paths, like we currently have, but I really need to be able to create a hierarchy of bookmarks. My use case is as a web-developer I have 120+ client websites that use the same structure, but there are very deep paths that drain my brain wandering and have actually caused a significant amount of misidentification of sites I'm working on (you know that awesome feeling when you realize your editing the wrong area of the internets...)

With that out of the way, here are my main questions:

1.) Has anyone started working on this?
2.) Can this be done via an extension, or is it better done as a patch?
3.) How much would it cost to give this priority to GNOME?
4.) How can we start a "Bug Bounty" ?

As you can tell I want the feature and I'm trying my best to commission it.

Cheers & Thanks,

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