Bounty offered to add Nautilus/GnomeVFS plugin to Object Storage systems via Scality Droplet


First of all, if this is not the correct list to send this kind of information to, please forgive me and i'd be
very appreciative if you could let me know the one i should post this on.

I'm with Scality, developer of an object-based storage software platform, called Scality RING. A month
ago, at SNIA's Software Developer Conference, we announced our Open-Source program, SCOP, the
immediate release of our first open-source library, Scality Droplet, and the launch of a bounty program
offering contributing developers grants from a $100,000 fund. More information on

One of the bounties we have designed concerns adding the option to mount an object storage system on a VM. The
bounty for this is of $2,000.

The goal is to write a s3:// URI gnome-vfs-module used to access an S3 compatible cloud storage to connect to public cloud storage adopting the S3 protocol (Amazon obviously, but many others popping up around the world) as well as private clouds also using the same protocol. The secondary goal is also to write a Nautilus extension to perform S3 service operations (bucket creation, price display, etc).

For more information on the bounty, please have a look at
You can register for the bounty on the site as well at this address:

And please feel free to drop us an email at drops <at> if you have more questions, or to continue the
discussion on this mailing list. We are obviously welcoming comments of any kind on our initiative.

Read the original Annoucement at

-Marc Villemade
Community Manager
Scality US

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