Re: Dealing with the trash

> >  * Someone wants to restore something that they just deleted.
> >  * Someone wants to restore something that they deleted a while ago.
> > 
> > In the first case, a Date Deleted column is entirely sufficient. 
> Well, I find myself using that view all the time when looking for
> something I deleted today or yesterday, in a trash that hasn't been
> emptied for a year and is bursting. I find clicking on "today" much
> easier and faster than to actually have to locate, read, and mentally
> parse "Do 06 May 2010 14:12:52 CEST" in a timestamp column in a list of
> thousands of elements.

Date/time formats need to be improved. There is a bug for that and it is
planned to be worked on, afaik. That will make using a Date Deleted
column much easier.

A user's knowledge of when a file was deleted will become increasingly
fussy and unreliable the further back in time you go. Once you go back
further than a week or so (that's a estimation ;) ), searching by other
criteria (like file name or content) will become the best way to locate
the desired file.

Another way to find a file that was deleted a while ago would be to
utilise contextual data. Hooking into the activity journal could be
something to explore in this regard.

> > The interface you've suggested [1] adds a lot of complexity. We should
> > try and use the parts of the interface that are already there, rather
> > than piling on new stuff.
> Actually, it removes many UI elements and thus visual clutter, because
> it limits what the list view displays. Sure, it adds a few text strings
> with simple words as "today", "yesterday", "x days ago", but at the
> same time it lets you get rid of thousands of list entries, each one
> with multiple complicated columns.

It's the additional scroll bars, non-standard list functionality and
layout that I would count as additional complexity, not additional list

> But maybe that's just me. I am totally fine with my external python
> script solution that gives me that display. It doesn't have to go into
> Nautilus if my use patterns are a minority oppinion. Thanks for
> commenting, anyways.

Don't be discouraged! This is valuable and necessary work, and it's
great that you're tackling the issue. The current extension certainly
isn't sufficient - this has to become a part of Nautilus itself. We need
to be rigorous about the UI, is all, and I'd query the need for an
additional filter.

Anybody else got any opinions on this?

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