Re: UI Roadmap: TaskView Intergration

I noticed, that I forgot to add some points. My Project targets two

Firstly the removal of the nautilus owned progress dialogues and the
integration within the TaskView system.

Secondly the display of the information provided by the TaskView system,
as far it makes sense, e.g an emblem attached to a file, which is
downloaded at the moment. 

> As far as I can tell, Nautilus doesn't indicate if files are being
> downloaded. There's an obvious usability problem there. Things break if
> a user tries to open the file while it is being downloaded. We need to
> indicate if a file is currently being downloaded and do something
> appropriate if the user tries to open it before it is ready (switch to
> the progress dialog, perhaps?).

Yes, this was one initial idea for the project.

> We should also be indicating the status of files that are the subject of
> copying and moving operations, and these indicators should be consistent
> across icon, compact and list views.
> There probably isn't enough space to display progress on top of or
> alongside items in icon/compact/list view, but this information could be
> incorporated into the status bar and/or tooltips. We are going to be
> looking at the design of the status bar as a part of the UI Roadmap
> exercise.
> As for indicating the downloading/copying/moving status of the file
> itself, you could use an emblem or a throbber, or you could just make
> the icon semi-transparent.

I think an emblem and semi-transparency is a good idea.



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