Re: Removing 'Backgrounds and Emblems'

On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 12:55 +0200, John Keller wrote:

> Removing emblems is a little unfortunate for me personally because I
> used them as a fast way to customize folders in my home with nicely
> drawn artwork. But I can understand the reasons why, and they really are
> much more appropriate as part of a larger vision of metadata and
> keywords, as you mention.

Yeah, as you say there's still the option of using a custom icon
altogether for that purpose...we could also eventually implement
something like colored labels, as Finder does.

> Is there any plan to make the custom icon option more user-discoverable?
> Right now, you need to know that you can click the icon in the
> properties dialog box. Not bad if you click everywhere or read the help,
> but otherwise...

Ideas are welcome on how to make that more prominent in the UI; maybe a
tooltip over the icon in the properties view? Or a label beneath it?

> Related to the removal, are notes going to go too? (Either completely or
> just removed from the sidebar.) I've personally never used them, but
> this cycle would seem to be the appropriate time to remove them if that
> was the plan.

No, it's not in my plan to remove notes now, and there's not really
another place than the sidebar to see/modify the notes without going to
file properties, so I think I'll keep it.
I might eventually remove the history sidebar too though, as the same
kind of functionality is already in the 'Go' menu.



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