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Hello all,

I am having some problems with Nautilus 2.30.1 and have written about them on 
Ubuntuforums.org in the following thread:


Afterwards I stumbled upon Allan Day's blog, left a comment, and he suggested I 
post here.

What I said in the Ubuntuforums thread isn't as accurate as it could be, so here 
is more detailed information.  To recap, I have a folder of over 1000 JPEG 
photos, mostly less than 10Mb in size, some up to 30Mb.  I have thumbnails set 
to show for files under 1Gb.  I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.

* When I click on the folder bookmark in the side pane to quickly open the 
folder, the focus remains on the side bar.  Pressing PageUp or PageDown to 
scroll the folder serves only to highlight folder icons in the side bar. The 
problem is intermittent, and seems to be related to navigation and the changing 
of Views.  I have mostly experienced it when the folder is set to List View.

* When I open the folder, I can't change Views until it has finished drawing the 
file thumbnails.  If I click on the Views popup menu, it lets me select a 
different view, say Icon View, but that doesn't actually do anything.  I have to 
wait for the drawing of thumbnails to finish, then select the new View again.

* While the file thumbs are being drawn, the files "dance" crazily up and down 
the list. I have the sort order set to Date Modified.

* Even though the preference setting to show folders first in the list of 
contents is not ticked, when the thumbnails are done, the contents of the folder 
are always scrolled down to where it contains a folder. There seems no way of 
having it scrolled to the top of the list.

That's it.  I've registered with Bugzilla to report these as bugs, and verified 
my registration, but it's not letting me log in.  So if there's someone here 
that cares about making Nautilus better, please consider testing and ultimately 
submitting the bugs.  Or best of all, fixing them?  That would be great! :-)

Thanks for listening!



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