Re: The Future of Nautilus: Tree Sidebar and Split View

2010/7/1 Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>:
> Can you explain why you require the tree view and why the proposed
> enhancements are not sufficient? Citing specific use cases would be
> really helpful. I'd also be interested to hear whether you use tree view
> all the time, or just in specific situations (and if so, what they are).

I use it all the time, but it's worth to note that I also use the
Places menu in the top bar all the time, which for me is the perfect

At work, I navigate source trees up and down and copy/move files, etc
so tree view is almost indispensable - I have a hard time seeing how
even the best navigation bar could replace that overview and working
in a few places at the same time. I liked the navigation bar in Vista
for it's quick navigation, but even that doesn't give, well, a tree
overview of what you're doing.

At home, I use the tree view often as well to sort documents,
pictures, media or what have you.

If I had to choose, I'd choose tree over places, as they look today,
and no suggestion so far seems to be able to replace that. Actually, I
never or rarely use Places in Nautilus, because it's so readily
available in the menu instead.

My use case for most things I do summed up is: I choose from places
(the menu) when I start a new task, then continue with the specific
task in tree view, and that works really well.

/ K

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