Re: The Future of Nautilus: Tree Sidebar and Split View

In short: 

I hate the idea of removing split view and tree sidebar. 

Longer version, just some thoughts:

Am Montag, den 28.06.2010, 15:37 +0100 schrieb Allan Day:

> It is worth making a general point about complexity, however. Nautilus
> has six kinds of sidebar, 

No sh*, sherlock.

> tabs *and* panes, as well as spatial/browser
> mode. Windows Explorer and Finder have a single sidebar, no tabs and no
> panes, and there are good reasons why they don't.

And that's a good reason why I'm not using it.

> The basic aim of the future nautilus proposal is simplification.
> Simplicity is a virtue in all kinds of ways. Paring down the UI is good
> for users (since it gives them less to process), it also opens up design
> possibilities in terms of creating a focused, integrated interface.

In my opinion: 
	Lesser functionality != more simplicity
It depends to much on the use case, that this statement alone is not
Example: I want to rip a CD. The ripped CD contains errors. I heard
about error correction. The error correction settings have been removed
from the GUI. I google the hell out of the web to find a way to use
error correction, as a result I'm using another program, easy to use
(for me as a noob) with the corresponding, easy to use settings in the
GUI (, called K3B).

So what program could help me to reach my goal in a simpler way?
(Rhetorical question)

> A pared-down UI is also good from a development point of view, since it
> means that there's less to maintain and we can concentrate on ensuring
> that the UI that we do have is high quality.

Sure. Go ahead. Remove elementary elements of file management. At least
the code is better to maintain.

At this point, where C - code is difficult to maintain, isn't it better
to use C++?

There is also an annoying, complete unnecessary menu item called "Help".
Please remove that.

Please go on and remove the Tree Sidebar in Evolution. And all
possibilities to opt it in. Hint: There are definitely to many options
in the Evolution preferences.


PS: This email contains sarcasm. Please feel personally attacked by any
PPS: I meant please don't feel attacked.

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