Re: [PATCH] Desktop Icons with "Keep Aligned"

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to express my appreciation.
I've picked your patch and re-build the Ubuntu Nautilus package with it.
It built clean with no change needed.
The changes are working fine, now the "keep align" works. No more
"stack'ed" icons!
Many thanks for this!


2010/1/16 Bill Smith <snowmanam2 gmail com>:
> Hi,
> As explained in a number of bug reports (~9 on bugzilla), desktop icon
> alignment doesn't seem to work exactly right, or at least in a way that is
> intuitive. My proposed fix is attached at
> as well as to this email.
> I did some experimenting with grid spacing and found that higher SNAP_SIZE_X
> / Y values make a better-looking grid. Similar patches appear in some bug
> reports, but it appears none have been committed yet. Ideally, I think grid
> spacing should be user-configurable in gconf keys, and it appears
> contains a possible patch
> for this.
> The other issue I addressed was how icons can "stack" on each other. I found
> that using schedule_align_icons() in icon_set_position() makes everything
> align strictly to the grid. This change also fixes other issues like
> unaligned icons that are newly created or dragged from another window. I
> would appreciate any comments on this.
> Thanks,
> Bill Smith
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