Re: icons in right-click menuitem

Sunil Negi wrote:
> Either way is not working for me... Any pointers?

I believe due to some changes it's currently not possible to use full
paths. But using the short name should work, try using gtk-about and see
if that works.

When you install your own icons into say hicolor you'll probably want to
update the icon cache using gtk-update-icon-cache. For testing purposes
I personally install icons into ~/.icons/hicolor.

> Also, if I just pass the name of the icon, say "myicon", how does 
> nautilus locate the correct image to display? Where does it search?
> I am afraid the icon display mantra is a bit vague to me...

I haven't taken a look at precisely how Nautilus does it, but it's most
likely using gtk_icon_theme_load_icon[1] (or the other relevant
functions). The abstract definition of this function is detailed in the Icon Theme specification:



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