icons in right-click menuitem

Hi all,
To display my menuitem, I am calling the API:
menuItem = nautilus_menu_item_new("xxx", "xxx" "Manage xxx operations.", "iconname");

I know the iconname should be the icon that appears besides the menuitem on right clicking in nautilus. I can see my menu item but there is no icon beside it. I have the nautilus code but I am not able to locate the right way to select an icon to display.

Some examples on the net show the whole path to a png file (which would be a 16 x 16 png file). Some thing like:- /usr/share/icons/Human/16x16/actions/gohome.png

Others just use a stock string.

Either way is not working for me... Any pointers?

Also, if I just pass the name of the icon, say "myicon", how does nautilus locate the correct image to display? Where does it search?

I am afraid the icon display mantra is a bit vague to me...


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