Re: revamp nautilus UI (some proposals)

It's ok.
Referring to the image, I will explain:
1) - main toolbar: has lots of rarely clicked buttons: stop (only for
network drives), home (present in the places sidebar), computer (the
places sidebar).
    - places toolbar: move the view options somewhere else, they have
nothing to do with locations
    + the toolbars can be merged to not waste vertical space (panels
have a bigger horizontal resolution): back, forward, refresh (not so
sure about it, I've never used it), location bar.

2) make use of the little bar which is displayed when some special
operations can be done in a directory (empty the trash, start the
video player, start the photo editor).
Since this bar is present, we can also put very common operations
inside (when you use a filemanager you are always looking for those
items), so these are some examples:
+ if nothing is selected: new file, new directory, paste
+ if a file is selected: open with X, Y, ..., open with...(browse),
copy, cut, trash
+ if a dir is selected: go, copy, cut, paste inside, trash
+ (not a good option, sorry) the view selector was moved here, but it
should be moved near the zoom controls

3) + the search button does no more changes the location entry to a
search entry (very confusing) and it is now removed, exchanged with a
separate always visilble search entry (like rhythmbox to be more

4) + the status bar can be used to add view controls ala openoffice

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