Re: revamp nautilus UI (some proposals)

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Nicolò
Chieffo<nicolo chieffo gmail com> wrote:
> Here's my proposal:
> 1. merge main and location toolbar
> 2. always show the directory toolbar (the one you have when you go to
> trash) and put some common tasks (new, copy, cut, paste, trash, change
> view)
> 3. optionally change the search button with a GtkEntry (you can also
> put a "filter icon" at left and a "clear icon" at right if you like),
> and use "Filter" (actually it's a filter and not a search)
> 4. move the zoom to the status bar, and eventually change its shape to
> a GtkScale
> I would like to have your comments

You probably get a better reception for your ideas if you explain why
you think any of these changes will make nautilus better for the
average user...

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