Re: Problems linking to libgio?

> I don't know exactly why this happens in you case, but the problem is
> that when you are linking the application ends up with the system
> version of glib (which is older) instead of the one installed
> in /opt/gnome2. This can happen if you somehow got rpaths baked into
> your old builds. I'd recommend running make distclean in all the modules
> you're building.

Thanks Alexander.  I actually talked with Dan Winship off-list and we
determined the same thing.  The problem is NOT libgio, but the
autoconf/configure steps later on for all these other libraries which
find libglib in /usr/lib first.  I eventually end up with commands
that look like this:

  gcc -g -O2  ... -L/usr/lib /usr/lib/ ...
/opt/gnome2/lib64/ ...

The thing is, I *really* don't understand the autotools well enough to
figure out how to fix this. Maybe I'll have to learn that first, I'm
just not relishing that opportunity. =)

Thanks though!


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