Re: Threading in nautilus-pytohn extensions

On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 20:46 +0800, Jason Heeris wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on NautilusSVN, a Python-based extension to integrate
> Subversion into Nautilus. I've run into some confusing issues regarding
> threading and I was hoping for some advice.
> Basically, what I've found is that threads spawned by the Python
> extension do not run unless the user specifically interacts with
> Nautilus (eg. refreshes, selects files, opens context menu).
> I've attached some code - it's the smallest possible example (I think)
> that illustrates the problem.
> What I would expect is that the test extension logs once every 1/100th
> of a second. What actually happens is that it only logs when I interact
> with Nautilus.
> So what exactly is happening here? Is it expected?

This is likely related to the python global interpreter lock or some
other python threading specific issue. I think you would get a better
response to your question on a more python oriented mailing list.

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