Re: Split/dual pane view again (but this time with code)

2009/2/24 Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>:
> The question is, do they want just a split view, or do the want the full
> nc-like app? I tested Dolphin and konqueror today. From what I can see
> they don't support *any* extra operations in their split view. Its more
> or less the same as having two windows next to each other. Adding the
> complexity of that and then not using it even for the most common
> operations (copy/move to other pane) seems kind of weird.

I think this is another instance of the "lack of toplevel windows
organization features" problem that most WMs suffer from. Including
metacity and, I suppose, kwin.

The WM should have the ability for the user to tell it (graphically,
drag'n'droping) that "I'm going to work with these N windows a lot so
stick them together in this non overlapping way" (aka tiling).

Of course, it can be argued that such a one size fits all WM solution
wouldn't yield the best results for every situation and some apps
would still need to do their own (in window) tiling, but I think
that's fine. OTOH, every app would benefit without a single line
change. To me, what I described above would be enough when working
with more than 1 nautilus window (I use spatial mode).


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