Re: Nautilus vs gnome-shell and the future

2009/12/4 Зоран Рилак <zoran rilak gmail com>
For what it's worth, I need to interject here.  I know many people
(myself included) who turn desktop icons off, not because I keep many
windows open all the time (it's easy to access desktop as Cosimo wrote),
but because I hate to look at the messy, unevenly shaped, partially
overlapping icons, sometimes with large gaps between them.  More than,
say, 5 or 6 icons on the desktop simply demand my attention; they
scream: "Drag us around!  Make us look neat!"  Then I have to keep doing
that for every new couple of icons that land on the desktop.

This [1] is a mockup I made 1 year and half ago. I'm not sure if it can still be interesting/useful in the next gnome evolution. Still to me is a step forward to the current desktop icon management.

In addition to Cosimo's points i think the desktop is also often used as a "buffer" for temporary file operation, works in progress or not yet categorized files.

[1] N06/2329133852/

Giacomo Bordiga

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