Re: Threading in nautilus-pytohn extensions

2009/8/2 Gilles Dartiguelongue <evasdk gmail com>:
> Le 2 juil. 09 à 12:49, Jason Heeris a écrit :
> I suggest looking at the AUTHORS file in the tarballs.

I did :) But it is itself outdated - the maintainers listed there are
no longer the maintainers. Still, one of them was nice enough to give
me this advice:

> It is really simple, do not use threads, they are not in any way supported nor
> encouraged.

> Use a separate process instead which calls the python svn bindings

So for the sake of completeness, in case anyone else comes across
this, that's the advice. (We're using DBUS. Inter-process
communication in Python is left as an exercise to the reader.)


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