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However, and not necessarily related, when browsing /usr/bin with the gtk file chooser (say, to choose an application to open a file from firefox) that's also quite slow, possible because of the same reason (as scripts and binaries get shown with different icons). That makes pretty painful to use that firefox function, for instance. 

Perhaps (and just thinking from a usability POV) would be nicer to first show all icons (just ls-ing), which should allow to select one quickly by name, and then modify them when we get to know the type of them. Don't know how feasible would be that though, and it presents another problem: if already scrolling and the icons update, that shouldn't affect to how much I've scrolled -or to the selection of the filename by typing its name-, as it does with the gtk fileselector IIRC. That would make possible to select a file quickly even before the whole folder has icons available. 

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> On Tue, 2008-09-23 at 15:20 +0200, John Bester wrote:
> > Nautilus takes about 8 seconds to load up /usr/lib on my current PC
> > (about 2,300 files). KDE/dolphin takes about 2 seconds. 
> This again... The reason things like /usr/bin and /usr/lib are slow are
> that these are large directories where almost no files have an
> extension. This means we have to sniff the file type by reading the
> first bit of all files. Reading lots of files is inherently slow due to
> the mechanical motion required for seeks on a harddrive.
> That some other apps choose not to sniff such files makes them faster
> for /usr/lib and /usr/bin, but they miss showing file types on some
> files. This is a design decision for nautilus, which is not mainly
> designed to read /usr/bin, but rather to manage users normal files
> (which generally have extensions).
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