Re: remove "Link to" in front of symbolic links created by Nautilus

Am Samstag, den 06.09.2008, 13:12 -0400 schrieb François Michonneau:
> Is there a way to remove the "Link to" string in front of symbolic 
> links created by Nautilus (drag-and-drop pressing crtl+alt in Ubuntu)?
> I
> know that I can use the rename command afterwards but I would prefer
> to
> disable that if it was possible. I can then have links with the
> original
> names. I understand that it's not something you want to do in the same
> folder that the orignal file.

Thanks for your feedback.

There is also a bug report [1] where the same behavior is requested. I
don't have any strong preference. Although I usually don't put "Link
to ..." in front of my symbolic links, I could imagine that it helps
people who don't know the concept yet. On the other hand, those probably
don't know how to do middle-drag / drag with alt pressed.

Assuming most of you agree that it is somewhat annoying, we can remove
it. Opinions?

best regards,
 Christian Neumair


Christian Neumair <cneumair gnome org>

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