Re: How to use gvfs to unmount someone's gvfs mounted shared folder with root or sudo user.

I think you have to add the "user" option in /etc/fstab

Il giorno ven, 28/11/2008 alle 14.01 +0800, minqiang wu ha scritto:
> The request is as follows:
> On the destkop of use "abc", we use gvfs-mount to mount some shared
> folder with smb. 
> The links are displayed on the user abc's desktop. 
> Then we need to unmount all these shared folders, but our applicaiton
> has to run with root privilage now. 
> Our application run with sudo, or just as "root" user. 
> Then how we can umount the mounted smb shared folder on "abc" 's
> desktop. 
> We tried to use gvfs-mount as  "sudo -u abc gvfs-mount -u
> smb://xxx/test", but the gvfs-mount just report errors. 
> Is there any solution to this case?
> Thanks
> Minqiang
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