Re: Removable media management

On Mon, 2008-05-26 at 15:38 +1200, Jonathan Musther wrote:
> Is there any plan to introduce removable media management to
> computer:///?
> Currently there's no way (within nautilus) to format removable media,
> or set the label on FAT/NTFS partitions.
> Basic partitioning/formatting (without getting into the complexities
> of partitioning), would be very helpful for the standard home user,
> and in the case he/she chooses to format a removable drive with an ext
> filesystem, the resulting permission issue (namely that only root will
> have write access) should be resolved for the user.
> These two functions are straight forward enough if you're a CLI user,
> but not for desktop users on Gnome based systems.
> Thoughts?

I'm working on something like this

and my plans include writing a Nautilus extension that adds menu items
to the context menu as well as integration with the properties page.


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