Missing feature: data protection

Because of nature of my job, it is highly important to keep my data very safe.
Imagine the following scenario... Let's say I have a memory stick with an encrypted volume contained in a file called let's say work.dat (volume encrypted in a file with TrueCrypt... see www.truecrypt.org). What I want is to be able to mount that volume just by clicking on work.dat and entering the encryption password in the dialog box. I also want to make sure when I delete a file or a folder, it will delete forever (will be rewritten with random data - sweap) I also need to have control over all the log files in my system, but I guess that has nothing to do with Nautilus.
I can perform all the above actions under Windows XP, and that's one of the main reasons I can't completely switch to Linux. I am really a fan of Linux, but since the type of work I'm doing I need to make sure that if my laptop is ever lost or stolen, none of my data will ever be recovered by anyone else but me. I know the stuff described above can be done in Linux too, but not that easy. You need to work around with different programs, and change the context menus in Nautilus. It would be nice if this was possible by default, because I am sure a lot of people are interested in a secure system where they can protect their data.

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