gio/nautilus-related question: desktop and document icons instead of emblems?

Currently, a folder icon together with a desktop emblem are used for the
user's desktop directory. The document folder looks like a plain folder.

However, it would look better if the desktop folder, and the document
folder also had special icons.

Considering the current architecture, this could be done in
gio/glocalfileinfo.c from glib:

>From _g_local_file_info_get():

              /* TODO: Special case desktop dir? That could be expensive
with xdg dirs... */
              if (strcmp (path, g_get_home_dir ()) == 0)
                type_icon = "user-home"

Alex: Why is this so expensive? g_get_user_special_dir() seems to cache
its results. Maybe we should have a g_get_user_special_dirs() call that
returns all the directories in the GUserDirectory enum?

Note that for all the special directories, we don't even seem to ship
items (yet), so this isn't relevant. I'll ask on the xdg lists about
that, though.

best regards,

Christian Neumair <cneumair gnome org>

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